To perceive, in the darkness of the present, this light that strives to reach us but cannot — this is what it means to be contemporary.

— Giorgio Agamben
The Art of the Quantum Leap drlisastreitfeld.com
Dr. Streitfeld remained faithful over seven tumultuous years to the Schirmacher Saas-Fee Event announced September 9, 2014 in Huffington Post Arts.
Dr. Streitfeld culminated her quantum journey with heritage with her June 18 presentation at PHY2022 in Sydney Australia.
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Lisa Streitfeld performing with Canisi Memo, poet shaman of North Cyprus in the ruins of a small church in Maras, outside the walled city of Famagusta under the Great American Eclipse of August 20, 2017.
Dr. Streitfeld delivering her paper “La hermenéutica del nuevo modernismo: el tecer trans/genero: de Hermes” (“The Hermeneutics of New Modernism: The Trans/Gender Third of Hermes”), at the Congreso Internacional Crítica de Arte: Crisis y Renovación, Reina Sofia (Madrid, 2018).

Bliss performed at The Alchemy of Love: Hieros Gamos on January 23, 2008 at the Lab Gallery, Midtown Manhattan.

Lisa Streitfeld’s ceremony opening Meditation Mediation: Feminine Resurrection at Peekskill Project 2006.
Lisa Streitfeld holding the space of the Yod as Dianne Bowen marks it at the gateway to EROSion Flow at the Gershwin Hôtel on February 11, 2011
The first all-female kundalini podcast conducted in January 2020.
Dr. Streitfeld’s Objet Spéculatif at the MIT Vera List Arts Center PLAYTEST opening Media in Transition +10 where she presented:
Web 3.0 and the (R)Evolution of Desire: The Quantum Leap From #MeToo to #WeToo
Lisa Streitfeld writing the contents of Wolfgang Pauli’s January 23, 1938 dream on the window of the Lab Gallery on Lexington Avenue for the January 23 opening of Icons of the 21st Century.
MEME summing up the contemporary view of a 21st century theory of the Hieros Gamos as the Third .
Dr. Lisa Streitfeld’s PORTFOLIO

Our time, the present, is in fact not only the most distant: it cannot in any way reach us. Its backbone is broken and we find ourselves in the exact point of this fracture. This is why we are, despite everything, contemporaries. It is important to realize that the appointment that is in question in contemporariness does not simply take place in chronological time: it is something that, working within chronological time, urges, presses, and transforms it. And this urgency is the untimeliness, the anachronism that permits us to grasp our time in the form of a “too soon” that is also a “too late” — of an “already” that is also a “not yet.” Moreover, it allows us to recognize in the obscurity of the present the light that, without ever being able to reach us, is perpetually voyaging toward us.”

Giorgio Agamben

Excavating Beyond the Male Gaze

Switch(on)Paper, November, 2020

Standing before a map of Aphrodite’s Island at the Getty Museum, Lisa Streitfeld resolved to penetrate her split body. The Cypriot quest became a meta narrative launched in timing with the 2012 Venus Transit of the Sun. The text split between the duality of Venus as Morning & Evening Star crystallizes the holistic philosophy at its source while bringing the divine feminine back from exile.

June 2007 – March 2021

The Aquarian Conversion Experiment was launched in Alchemy of Love In Five Elements (2007-2008) under the January 20, 2007 initiation of the Lab gallery space by a priestess. The evolution of an iconic trademark of the Hieros Gamos developed via the interior/exterior journey over the next 14 years.


Dr. Lisa Streitfeld has tirelessly worked to promote a new modernism sourced in an authentic gender balance known as the Hieros Gamos.

Riane Eisler, bestselling author (The Chalice & the Blade) inventor of the Partnership Model

This is where the epic began…Buenos Aires 1984…


The novel that catalyzed the literary quest was begun with the Olivetti manual typewriter on a hard wood floor in the rundown Once district of Buenos Aries. The challenge is to create a fluid form in which past, present and future converged into a quantum reality defined by reverie, memory and dreams woven into the present vision of a glorified future as a literary lioness. This literary adventure was an escape from the fractured surface reality of hyperinflation in a land that time forgot. In this atmosphere undermined by the uncertainty of structural breakdown, tango is metaphor for the rigid tension of the gender opposites converging in movement and image.

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